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The British Tarantula Society - What's Hot! & D.W.A. Explanation

Here is a list of species that currently require a Dangerous Wild Animals license in the United Kingdom.
Often abbreviated to D.W.A. More information can be
found here - DEFRA

D.W.A. invertebrates


Although not yet officailly listed the BTS considered Sicarius hahni The 6 eyed sand spider a DWA hot species.

Buthidae (all species from this family)
Hemiscorpius lepturus

The BTS does not actively set out to restrict the sale of DWA species in the UK we actively support the husbandry, welfare and care of arachnids and scorpions, and understand that there are certain genera that may require a D.W.A. This is why we allow D.W.A sales adverts on the BTS Bulletin Board and elsewhere on the BTS web site.

We have one rule to adhere to and all we ask is that:

RULE: Clearly mark and note in your advert any of the genera listed above will require D.W.A. in the UK or if you are a non UK trader that you are unwilling to trade to the UK unless supplied with the proper and necessary paperwork. A simple rule and simple to do, we will edit adverts as DWA on the first offence then there after an immediate and permanent ban will take place.

This rule is for the protection of BTS and the general public, and those who may be unaware of the current UK legislation.

Please abide by this basic rule so we can carry on allowing these type of adverts.
Please note we do not allow the sale of D.W.A. invertebrates at the Annual BTS Exhibition.

A public notice by the BTS Committee



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