BTS Lectures

17th BTS Lectures & Dinner

2nd March 2019

“Never seem to have the time to socialise properly at the BTS Exhibition? “
Now’s your chance! If you are interested in attending the BTS Lectures please contact:  Kim Pennell Spaces are limited so it’s first come first served.  To see what you have missed over the years take a look at the Gallery section of this web site.



Friday  March 1st: 7.30 pm, pre lectures evening get-together *dinner, drinks, meet in the hotel bar (* if staying on the 2 night package!
)  pre- order your Friday Meal! you will be sent the menu

Saturday March 2nd: 12 noon, BTS Lectures

Venue: Upstairs in the The Culbone Suite

Aztec Hotel and Spa, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol Date: Saturday  March 2nd 2019

Ticket price: (per person): Lecture and Dinner: £60 (includes online fees and free entry to the BTS Exhibition*)
Lectures only: £30
Dinner only for guests: £30

Registration: 11.00 – 11.30am 
 Lectures to start: 12 noon
 Lectures to finish: 6.30 pm approx

 Dinner to start: 7.30 pm approx

Lecturers: All timings  to be announced and subject to change. There will be a short break between all talks for coffee and tea etc. While we set up the next guest lecturer

12.00 noon : Official opener lecture, followed by

  • Lecture (1) An Invertebrate Case series – Illustration of Diagnosis and Treatment of Invertebrate Disease. By Dr Benjamin Kennedy
  • Lecture (2) “Theraphosids of Northern Tanzania“. By Richard Gallon:

    The lecture will document field observations on five theraphosids encountered during a field trip to Northern Tanzania in early 2018. 

  • Lecture (3)  “Protecting the unknown: challenges and opportunities of Tarantula red listing”
    By Sérgio Henriques Chair of the Spider and Scorpion Specialist Group @IUCNSpiderSG IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)

    It has become clear that we are undergoing a biodiversity crisis, where the fossil data indicates species are going extinct 1,000 times faster than the natural background rates of extinction and future rates are likely to be 10,000 times higher. Mass extinction events aren’t new to life on Earth, but what makes this one different is that it is being caused by a single species. Us.
    Spiders are among the many victims, as their habitats are lost to increase demand from agriculture or infrastructure; as extreme weather events that push species beyond their thermal tolerance become more prevalent due to climate change; and a number of factors make illegally traded species ever more accessible as demand appears to be on the rise.
    He will be discussing the challenges of incorporating all these factors when assessing the extinction risk of spiders (red listing), and the opportunities that may arise from collaborations with members of the BTS, when it comes to protect the animals we all love.

  • Lecture (4) “Taxonomy”
    by Dr Peter Jaeger, Senckenberg Research Institute, Frankfurt, Germany
    Taxonomy is the science of classification and is crucial for communicating about our surrounding nature. The talk will give a short introduction of the history of this field including the transition from the so-called folk taxonomy to scientific taxonomy. Examples will be shown how taxonomy, sometimes regarded as boring, can be innovative and helpful in highlighting problems e.g. in nature conservation issues. Let’s make taxonomy great again!

6.30pm: Lectures finish

7.30 pm Dinner followed by

  • Brachypelma – The Red Leg Tarantulas of Mexico.                               by Andrew M Smith :Part 1: North of the Rio Balsas & the Emilia mystery 90 minute feature length documentary featuring hamorii, emilia, baumgarteni and klaasi with guest appearances from Bonnetina and Aphonopelma.
  • then bar until late (or until you drop).


MENU: Hot fork buffet and choice of desserts.  Vegetarian option available.


If you have any special dietary requirements please inform me at the time of booking.


Staying at the Aztec Hotel & Spa

All the prices and information for 2019 click here

If you would like to bring guests, who do not wish to attend the lectures but would like to join us for dinner we are happy to accommodate them.  The hotel will gladly allow the use of their facilities whilst the lectures are in progress.  The cost for this would be £30.00 for the dinner only.

Payment details: You will need to book your place by 10th February 2019 and payment must be received no later than 10th Feb 2019.

Book online with the BTS e-store.  Cheques must be received by February 1st 2019

You do not have to a member of the BTS to attend.  Under 16’s are welcome but must to properly supervised at all times.  All dinner and lecture tickets by advance bookings only.  Refunds on cancelled places before 31st January will incur a small admin charge. No refunds can be given after 10th February 2019.

NOTE:  The selling of tarantulas is strictly forbidden, you may exchange or swap tarantulas.  It’s an ideal place to pass on males etc.  The use of video equipment during the lectures will be restricted to official use only.  Photographs are permitted within reason.  Any live tarantulas must not be visible to the public and other hotel guests.

* Free entry to the BTS Exhibition 2019, non transferable non refundable, please wear your wristband to the event or you will be charged on entry. Prices and times are subject to change without prior notice.

Kim Pennell B.T.S. Lectures and Dinner Organiser