Joining the BTS

Why, where and how to join the BTS – Your most common questions answered.

Q: How do I join? How much does it cost?

A: Joining the BTS costs £21.10 including all paypal fees and UK Postage. European and International memberships are higher due to postage costs.
You can join The BTS online at
It is also possible to pay by post, and details of the membership form are present at

The BTS attend several events throughout the year including the BTS Exhibition in May, the BTS Lectures in February, the South East Arachnid Show in January and the AES Annual Exhibition in October. New memberships and membership renewals are welcome at these events by visiting the BTS table.

Q: Why join? What benefits do I get?

A: BTS now operates a set membership year that runs from the 1st of June until the 31st of May on an annual basis. This equates to three journals, plus a membership pack and entitles BTS members to help and advice from the BTS Committee, full access to our forums and more:

BTS Members receive three journals per year (Volume issues 2 and 3 in the initial calendar year, and the first issue of the subsequent volume in the following year.) These full colour journals are peer-reviewed and feature a mixture of scientific papers and more light-hearted articles from various authors and enthusiasts within the global tarantula community.

The BTS Journal is widely considered one of the best publications on theraphosid (tarantula) keeping and study in the world. Upon confirmation of current and valid membership, members are also entitled to:

  • Discounted entrance fees to the BTS Exhibition and the BTS Lectures
  • Members are encouraged to attend the BTS Annual General Meeting and contribute your thoughts and ideas in a welcome environment
  • Discounts are available from selected retailers to the invertebrate community. Details of these are published in our journal.

BTS Members have access to a ‘members only’ area of the BTS website. Currently, the username and password for this are published within the journal and change three times per year. In the members only area, a number of back issues and enhanced articles are available.

Members are encouraged to join the BTS Forum, which is used by experts, tarantula enthusiasts, veteran keepers, breeders and amateurs new to the hobby. Friendly help is always available on the forum.

The BTS Committee are at hand to help with any questions current BTS members have regarding the hobby as well as tips for tarantula keeping (husbandry) and breeding. Contact details can be found within the journal.

Q: I want to join the BTS but it is in the middle of the BTS “Year” (e.g. December.) What will happen?

A: We aim to produce a journal in August (Volume Issue 2), December (Volume Issue 3) and April (Volume Issue 1) of every year. New members will receive the outstanding journals from the BTS membership year along with a membership pack. Once the final journal of the BTS year (first issue of the new volume) is printed, new members may request to be enrolled on the ‘next’ BTS membership year during order checkout (in the customer notes section of the shopping cart).  If in doubt please contact the membership office.

Q: I want to join the BTS. What are the options?

A: Online: The quickest way to join the BTS is online at the BTS E-store.  While we use PayPal as a checkout method, you do not require a PayPal account and can pay directly using a credit/debit card. This method is secure. To join in this way you will need to register on the BTS Forum., we need this information on file to send you your journal and keep you updated with any BTS news.

Postal: You can download our from here Please post the completed form with payment to the address on the form.  For your security, we recommend postal payment by Cheque or Postal Order ( Cheques and Postal Orders payable to The British Tarantula Society.)

Q: I’m confused I have not been a member for a year but have received a Renewal Form. Why?

A: That’s OK.  When you join the BTS you receive three 48 page journals throughout your membership.  (We have changed this from four, 36 page journals in an effort to save postage costs and again provide you with a better service) . If you join just before a new journal is due you may receive two in a short period of time.  We try to send out a journal as soon as you join. The BTS is moving to e-mail reminders for renewals, so it i important you provide us with your current e-mail address when joining.

Q: I joined in May at the BTS Exhibition and was expecting a journal right away. It has been a while, where’s my stuff?

A:  Although you joined in May, the BTS calendar year does not start until June. After the Exhibition, the membership and editorial teams work closely to compile and produce the membership packs and BTS Journal. As the BTS is staffed by volunteers it can sometimes take longer than we would like. In the meantime, if you provided us with your email address when you joined, you should have received your login details to the members area of the website where you can enjoy a digital (PDF) selection of our back-issues whilst you wait.

If you’re really worried, or haven’t received an email from us, then please contact the membership team via email, Facebook or post.

Q: I joined by PayPal last week but have heard nothing. Have I been forgotten?

A:  Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you.  The Membership Administration team also work full time and process applications when we can.  Like the Editor we are volunteers and run the BTS as a hobby.  We try to process all applications within 28 days depending on our other commitments.  If you have joined and are concerned then feel free to drop us an e-mail.  We try to answer all e-mails at the weekend.  Please be patient as we sometimes have holidays.  Also when you join using the new updated BTS store you will receive a link to download the latest issue of the BTS journal, in this journal you will find the codes to the members area where back issues and enhanced articles are available for download.

Q: What are the future plans for the BTS?

A: We are constantly striving to improve the society.  We meet regularly to discuss ideas and decide what we can do to make you the best tarantula society in the world.  If you have any ideas then we are always pleased to receive e-mails from you.

Kindest regards. BTS Committee

BTS Membership

Please e-mail us with any membership queries.