Please note that the members website is not linked to the membership database.

It may send you an email saying you have lapsed or your password has been updated.

This may not be the case. If you have recently renewed online or at the BTS Exhibition you may get an email stating that your password has been updated.

Your password will  be reset to the default if you changed it during the 2024-25 membership period.

NOTICE: If you change your postal address during the membership period you must inform the membership team by email directly. Failure to do this could result in the loss of your journal.

>>BTS Exhibition May 2025<<

How the BTS Membership Works

We have recently received a few emails and posts on Facebook asking why members who  renewed or joined at the BTS Exhibition in May 2019 have not yet received any journals.

I have outlined below exactly how the BTS Membership runs.

  • Until a few years ago we ran a rolling membership but this proved difficult to maintain. The admin team were constantly sending out journals and trying to keep track of dates on the database. It was decided that in order to streamline the membership administration we would change to a yearly membership.
  • Everyone is now due to renew at the same time (at the BTS Exhibition in May).
  • We now run the membership from June 1st  to May 31st of the following year
  • If you renew at the BTS Exhibition (when most of you do. Thank you! ) you will receive beforethe next BTS Exhibition 3 BTS Journals and then be due to renew again at the next BTS Exhibition.
  • Problem may occur if you renew half way through the year or before the cut off time for this year (1st of May). In this case in order to maintain continuity you may receive all journals for that membership year and be due to renew again at the BTS Exhibition.

For example:

  • Renew/ Join at the BTS Exhibition in May: receive the 1st Journal of the year when published (Usually July/August)
  • 1st Journal Publication date: August including new BTS Membership card, BTS Bookmark
  • 2nd Journal Publication date: December
  • 3rd Journal Publication date: April including renewal notice to renew at the BTS exhibition.

Rest assured you will receive three issues throughout your membership

The BTS Membership Card will allow you a reduced admission price to the BTS exhibition of that year. (20% discount of entry)

We are sorry if this has led to confusion or that it has not been properly explained but hopefully this will help.


 The BTS is the world’s oldest on going tarantula society. 

Our main site is for public viewing. Here you will find:


  • BTS Forum:  THE FORUM HAS BEEN REBUILT FROM THE GROUND UP! it will be live shortly along with a Iphone app
  • The BTS Members website:  Password and username protected B.T.S. Members area.

B.T.S. Members area where you can download the latest journal and many back issues. Most online journals are enhanced versions.  There are also articles and species listings and a “beginner’s questions and answers” matrix.  If you would like to view this area then use the “how to join” to find detail’s on how to become a full or web only member of the British Tarantula Society.  Complete the membership form and return it to the head office.  The forms carry all the information needed to join today!


BTS_Newsletter_01-1BTS Newsletter
We appreciate your membership in the leading organisation for arachnid enthusiasts. Our Journal of the British Tarantula Society is the finest English-language arachnocultural publication, and we want to give you even more with a bi-monthly newsletter that gives a home to additional features such as Letters to the Editor, In Focus, book reviews, art, photo essays, short breeding reports or species overviews and more. We welcome your submissions for both the Journal and the Newsletter. The Editor will decide which publication is best for your contribution. Please feel free to email him at editor@thebts.co.uk.



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 “The aim of the British Tarantula Society is to promote and encourage the responsible husbandry, research, captive breeding, conservation and general knowledge of theraphosids, scorpions and associated fauna”