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16th BTS Lectures & Dinner

March 10, 2018, 12:00pm - March 10, 2018, 7:00pm

Vice chairman Ray Hale on Sunday brunch this morning. Nice one Ray ...

The BTS is @ The Western Invertebrate Show - come and say hi! Renew your membership! Pick up some Branded Merchandise! ...


As you know the BTS now runs a yearly membership from June 1st to May 31st the following year. This means that ALL members are due for renewal at the BTS Exhibition or around that time. Many of you did indeed renew at the Exhibition (Thank You).

Just before your membership runs out you will (and probably have already) received an email informing you that your membership is about to expire.

If you have already renewed then please ignore this email. It is automated.

If you have recently joined the BTS as a new member and have received three issues in the post in one delivery then this covers your membership period. We realise that you may have only just joined and we are now asking you to re-subscribe but you would already have received three journals in one go. Membership is for three issues NOT a full year as it really depends on when you join. Rejoining now will entitle you to a further three issues when they are published throughout the year because we have to have a cut off time.

If, however you have joined more recently then we will have subscribed you to the coming year and you will receive your first issue in July 2017.

I urge all tarantula keepers to renew or join us as without your subscriptions we cannot produce the superb BTS Journal or host the amazing BTS Exhibition. An event that I know many of you attended and hopefully enjoyed.

If you have any confusion regarding your membership status please feel free to pm me or email us at

and we will clarify the situation for you.

Mike and Katherine Strick have taken over the running of the BTS membership and will be handling all membership queries in future.

Happy tarantula keeping and see you all at next years BTS Exhibition

Ray Hale
BTS Vice Chairman
British tarantula Society

Please note if your a subscribing digital member and are renewing via the members area your subscription may still say ending 2017. However this will update after may 31st to end 2018 ok.


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